hey what's up i'm viv/rae and i'm an extremely tired college student studying to be a vet nurse. currently approaching my last semester ever so my activity may be limited!

when i'm not in class or studying, i completely envelop myself into my interests or whatever hyperfixation i have at the moment. some of these include rdr/rdr2, beastars, animal crossing, and pokemon. i also really love art and drawing despite the fact i can't as much anymore bc of classes

infp - taken (7.5.13) - bigender (they/them)

i'm pretty friendly so feel free to approach me. my memory sucks a lot so i may forget to reply to you but i promise it's totally a me thing and not anything on your end

i'm down to message via pms but if we really hit it off i may offer to add you on discord where i'm more likely to respond!

if you've got any further questions feel free to ask. as long as you're nice about it, i really don't mind answering

some personal faves of mine that make me really happy, from various media.
** - biggest ones

  • john marston [rdr/rdr2] ** - i've loved him since i played rdr back in 2013 and oh gosh he's just. so lovely and everything about him is Wonderful. legit never gotten flustered looking at a video game character before but then he shows up and ruins my LIFE. playing rdr2 reignited my love for this stupid greasy dude and i just have a lot of feelings

  • deidara [naruto shippuden] - he was prolly one of my first fictional crushes and while he isn't as big to me anymore he still holds a lot of sentimental value and has a place in my heart

  • cinderpelt [warrior cats] - as someone whose disability didn't appear until later in life, i really empathize with this gal. like her, my expectations for my future were turned completely upside down when i got sick, and her journey to self-acceptance is one i also went through myself. she was a fave since middle school before all of that happened too, but the extra meaning to her now makes her really special in my book

  • biker & jacket [hotline miami] - i first got into hotline miami a couple years ago when my close friends got into it, and maaaaan if it isn't a huge comfort source for me. it just reminds me of good times and these two in particular are my faves

  • corey [hotline miami 2] - same reasons as above, i just really click w her because zebra (invisible illness mascot, woo)

  • mabel [animal crossing] - she brings so much nostalgia to me from my childhood and playing ac:ww !! much like some of the others, ive loved her for a while and she's still very special to me. i relate to her a lot. i spent many hours designing very poorly made clothes in this game and loved talking to her and making friends with her

take all these with a grain of salt but they're fun to do so i can't NOT indulge in them

  • mbti - infp

  • enneagram - n/a i gotta look into this one

  • zodiac - taurus sun, aries moon, cap. rising

  • d&d alignment - neutral good